Lawyers on LinkedIn

Why Every International Lawyer Should Be on LinkedIn


It’s okay if you’re not obsessed with social media. Not everyone is. But with that being said, there is one social networking site you might want to pay some attention to: LinkedIn.

If you have an existing profile, this would be a great time to make sure your social presence is solid. As a lawyer considering or in pursuit of an international career, your profile will matter both globally and locally. Here are some reasons why.

LinkedIn is Your Brand Space

Brand identity is important in the global marketplace, not only for businesses but for individuals as well. If you are pursuing a career as a foreign lawyer, you can create a personal brand for yourself on LinkedIn that shows who you are, what you’ve done, and why you would be valuable to any firm or business with international interests.

Even if you don’t have extensive international work experience or high-profile connections, you have internships, extracurriculars, and training that deserves to be highlighted. Your LinkedIn profile will help make you visible to other attorneys and potential employers to showcase whatever work experience you do have, and, more importantly, your professional achievements. A well-thought-out profile will allow companies to quickly notice you and make contact with you.

Recommendations Speak Volumes

Much like a professional company profile might include client or customer testimonials, you want to include recommendations from your work colleagues, clients, professors, and others who are willing to provide a statement on your behalf. Recommendations are a real testament to your expertise and capabilities. They can be especially important if you are aiming to secure a job or take on additional clients in an area of the law in which you have little background.

LinkedIn is also a great tool for locating friends and colleagues and finding out who works at a company in which you have an interest. It’s a way to get directly introduced by one of your network contacts to someone who may be able to support your career endeavors.

There is Power in Groups

Go beyond personal profile updates and private messages with your connections. You can expand your network significantly and create more work opportunities by joining LinkedIn Groups and discussions on topics that interest you.

Use the power of Groups to boost your potential network and reach people you’ve never met in a professional setting, without the breach of etiquette that can come in blindly reaching out to new connections. Make sure to let each potential connection know how you found them and why you want to connect with them.

Join as many Groups as you feel are appropriate. As you network more on LinkedIn and engage in different discussions with different people, your audience and your network will grow exponentially.

Face-to-Face Meetings Still Matter

When used correctly, LinkedIn is a great networking and relationship-building tool. But, interpersonal connections cannot thrive exclusively on social media. While the digital environment provides a great platform to start connections far and wide, and easily nurture existing ones, face-to-face meetings are still important to build camaraderie and deepen established relationships.

It’s not always possible due to geographical limitations and schedule restrictions, but whenever you can, try to schedule an in-person meeting or a coffee break with your most important or newest connections. Even in the digital age, you want to strike a balance between your LinkedIn world and connections outside of the platform. You’d be surprised how much a face-to-face meeting can still mean to a prospective employer or client.

Boost Your Brand

Speaking of your profile, you should always be thinking about how you can make your personal brand shine. An increasingly effective way to do this is to connect where your clients and colleagues are ―on LinkedIn.

Having a stellar LinkedIn profile will help you connect with industry professionals, network, catch the attention of potential employers, and establish thought leadership. Through your personal profile, you will build trust for yourself as a legal expert and help drive business growth for your firm. It should be an integral part of your strategy as you set your sights on becoming an international lawyer. Learn more about the power of a LinkedIn profile.

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