Should I take a QLTS Prep Course?

By Sarah Hutchinson, Managing Director, BARBRI International

The QLTS is designed to test a candidate’s application of knowledge of the laws of England and Wales and various skills required to practise as an English solicitor. Because of this, the scope of the material for the QLTS exam is comprehensive and based on the standards expected of lawyers who qualify through the domestic route in England and Wales. Rigorous and robust criteria must therefore be met in order to pass the assessments.

As the sole assessment provider, Kaplan QLTS is not allowed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to offer preparation courses for the assessments. So how, then, do you focus on what is required to know and study the most relevant topics without wasting precious time and effort? Simply put, it’s best to rely on an expert.

Whether you are qualified in a common law or civil law jurisdiction, have limited or vast legal experience, and whether English is your first or second language, you will benefit from the professional guidance a QLTS prep course can offer to help you pass the assessments the first time.

Benefits only an expert study partner can provide

When you first decided to dual-qualify as an English solicitor via the QLTS, you probably had at least a general understanding of what is involved: taking the MCT followed by the OSCE. As you start to look at the specifics of preparation, such as the logistics, time commitment and study schedule, you may begin to realise the true magnitude of the task at hand. This is why having an expert study partner is so important.

Think of it this way. You won’t have access to things like tailored exam-specific workbooks and lectures, a unique study plan, mock exams and one-on-one mentor support if you go it alone in your QLTS prep.

Here are some key elements of the QLTS Prep by BARBRI courses that make relying on a legal exam preparation partner a wise move in preparing to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales:

  • Flexible, comprehensive course programmes.
    The QLTS Prep by BARBRI programme is designed for busy lawyers who often must study around their other professional commitments.
  • Expert law tutors.
    Our workbooks are written and our lectures are delivered by experienced English solicitors and barristers who teach the substantive law for each subject.
  • A full set of printed materials covering all subject areas required by the SRA.
    Workbooks are written exclusively by our expert tutors and updated periodically. Materials contain summaries of the main legal concepts and key areas of each subject. The textbooks supplied for the OSCE are designed to provide the substantive and procedural law for the practise areas in which OSCE skills are assessed. There’s no need to pay extra to access quality resources and reference materials as with other prep providers.
  • Multiple-choice and OSCE exam expertise.
    During your MCT Prep course, you’ll practise over 1,200 multiple-choice questions to help master the techniques you learn and outcomes tested on the MCT exam. OSCE materials are recorded and available to each candidate online throughout the programme, with the opportunity for self-practise and review as well as practises with tutor feedback that build over time to create a highly effective QLTS prep.
  • Regular mock OSCE assessments.
    Undertake mock OSCE assessments with individualised tutor feedback to assess your progress. Plus, take part in a full simulated assessment over two days, delivered online or at BARBRI’s London campus.
  • Unique Personal Study Plan (PSP).
    Delivers the right combination of substance and skills.
  • Proven track record only available with the world’s largest legal exam and education company.
    78% of QLTS Prep by BARBRI students reported passing the QLTS on their first attempt compared to the 54% overall pass rate. BARBRI has been a trusted partner for over 50 years, having helped more than 1.3 million people become licensed lawyers and attorneys.

As you look ahead to the QLTS, I encourage you to speak with a BARBRI team member prior to enrolment in a prep course to ensure you understand how to establish your eligibility. The BARBRI team can guide you in how best to ensure you are able to study and sit the QLTS exams.