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£ 2,200

Payment options available & pricing subject to change. £200 discount for all BARBRI MCT alumni.

After passing the QLTS MCT exam, prepare FOR the QLTS OSCE exam with QLTS Prep by BARBRI

QLTS Prep courses for the OSCE exam are offered twice a year leading into the scheduled OSCE examinations in May and November.

The OSCE Prep is a 12-week course offered primarily online, but also with the opportunity for classroom-based simulated assessments, and is designed to accommodate candidates who have other professional commitments.

Course Features

Personal Study Plan

QLTS Prep by BARBRI employs an integrated “Active Adaptive Legal Learning” system to expedite the learning process, increase retention and heighten comprehension.

Individual feedback on skills activities provided by expert tutors, a high level of skills practice opportunities, together with masterclasses and demonstrations are presented to you via your online Personal Study Plan (PSP).

Your PSP takes this guidance, practice, performance and feedback and builds over the 12-week course creating an iterative, highly effective QLTS Prep experience preparing you for the three practice areas and six skills examined on the OSCE portion of the QLTS exam.

Online home study masterclasses and demonstrations, together with multiple self-practice and feedback opportunities, provide the right combination of substance and skills on a flexible schedule through the PSP.

The Best Law Tutors

The Best Law Tutors

BARBRI QLTS OSCE masterclasses and demonstrations are pre-recorded and delivered by the best faculty in OSCE exam preparation, consisting of experienced English solicitors and barristers.

During your OSCE Prep course, you will experience 5 masterclasses during which industry experts will explain the OSCE assessment skills against the assessment criteria, together with 15 best practice demonstrations.

Additionally, you will have regular access to tutors who will conduct one-to-one OSCE practice and feedback sessions and provide you personalised feedback throughout the course. The course culminates with the opportunity to participate in live simulated assessments with tutor feedback at our London campus.

Professional Resource Books


Prior to the commencement of the OSCE Prep course, each candidate is supplied with materials for their studies, together with a bespoke OSCE guide. The texts that are supplied are designed to provide the substantive and procedural law for the practice areas in which OSCE skills are assessed.

No need to pay extra to access quality resources and reference materials as with other prep providers.

Practice & Mock Exams


During your OCSE Prep course, you will experience 5 masterclasses and 15 demonstrations, based on mock OSCE scenarios as well as 30 self-practice exams with online feedback to facilitate self-review against the OSCE assessment criteria.

You will also undertake regular mock OSCE assessments, with individualised tutor feedback to assess your progress, plus a full simulated assessment over two days, delivered online or at our London campus.

Free QLTS Digest

Please fill out the form below to access the Free QLTS Digest. While we strive to provide detailed information in this guide, we encourage candidates to speak with a BARBRI team member prior to enrolment so we can ensure that you understand how to establish your eligibility, and that you are able to study for and sit the QLTS examination.