How to Find OSCE Success (Ultimately) with BARBRI

Guest blogger Anna Hwang, Esq., a New York-based strict product liability attorney, shares about her experiences, and pitfalls, with QLTS prep courses and studying for the OSCE.

I work with international clients and wanted to become dual-qualified in England and Wales in the event I should move to the U.K. with my British-born boyfriend. What I had heard from other students who took the OSCE is that it could easily get the better of a person without good preparation. So I thought it best to enlist an expert prep course to help get me ready to sit the exam. It was an eye-opening experience.

What I found with one QLTS prep course was an instructor who had typos in each of his email communications and who provided a list of books to read without a comprehensive study schedule, outline, or cheat sheet of the materials and practise samples. It did not seem like an ideal way to prepare for such an important undertaking, especially since I was looking at studying while being involved in a trial.

I continued to work full-time and search for the right OSCE prep.

More and more, I would talk with other people who were having the same experience as me: finding less-than-professional study resources and services from what was supposed to be a professional education provider. It was then that I realised it wasn’t so much a problem with my study strategy or having exceptionally high expectations as it was something lacking in the preparation course I had viewed.

I turned to QLTS Prep by BARBRI. With BARBRI, I received a comprehensive (and not-so-overwhelming) schedule of what I should be reviewing each week. My course work was assigned through the online Personal Study Plan that focused on the subjects most likely to be tested on the exam. This study plan built up as the course went along to home in on my weakest areas of progress and performance.

The study materials I received were very different from the resources I had gotten from the other QLTS prep courses. These were well-written and designed to provide the substantive and procedural law for the areas assessed on the OSCE.

I also had regular access to an individualised tutor to discuss and submit my practise exams. After completing each self-practise exam and the mock OSCE assessments, I received feedback that greatly improved my awareness of the exam areas most in need of addition study.

Because BARBRI’s practise exams attempt to mimic the legal areas that could be tested on the OSCE exam, I was able to draft a particulars of claim and include statutes relating to interests. I gained confidence in providing case law in support of my legal arguments for an application for relief against sanctions.

Whilst learning the law is important, I found that BARBRI taught me how to apply my knowledge for the exam.

I wasn’t left to learn on the spot in a stressfully short period of time. Needless to say, I am confident that I will pass the OSCE with help from QLTS Prep by BARBRI.